Dan and Jaky were invited to present at the Artificial INTELLIGENce for efficient community based primary healTh CARE (INTELLIGENT-CARE) workshop at Laval University on 20 September 2019, hosted by Drs. France Légaré, Samira A. Rahimi, and Mélissa Côté.

Their presentation helped open the one-day workshop by introducing AI to the diverse group of attendees (researchers, patients, clinicians, etc.) and by providing an overview of the body of research that includes AI and primary care. (Preprint:

The remainder of the day consisted of a few more presentations, such as physician perspectives on AI for family medicine and potentials of AI in LMIC countries; lively group discussions on topics including risks, benefits, and challenges of AI for primary care; and connecting with new and old friends and colleagues. Stay tuned for results from the workshop to be published.

More information about the grant that funded this workshop: