Jaky serves on CFPC Planning Committee

This past winter Jaky had the opportunity to join a planning committee for the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC https://www.cfpc.ca) forum on ‘Imagining the Future of Family Medicine’. The CFPC’s annual forums are designed to bring together family medicine leaders from across Canada to explore a challenging topic, network, and provide input towards strategic objectives. This year’s Forum was a partnership between the CFPC and Associated Medical Services (AMS) Healthcare (https://www.ams-inc.on.ca) and focused on artificial intelligence and virtual technology. As a member of the planning committee contributed her researcher perspective and knowledge based on a scoping review on artificial intelligence and primary care that Dan and she are working on. She also had the opportunity to attend the two day Forum. Day one included presentations and discussions around AI and VC; Day two focused on medical education and how to prepare future doctors for effectively working with increasing levels of technology. Lots of great discussions and tackling of challenging questions! It was clear that Forum attendees care deeply about patients and about the wellbeing of people working in healthcare. Stay tuned for a White Paper and research priorities to be published by AMS.